The CirKiz Family

Founded by parents and NYC nightclub veterans Jesse Sprague and Jenny Song, CirKiz is committed to encouraging and educating children to pursue creative endeavors. The two were inspired by kids to create this unique form of family entertainment against the backdrop of NYC nightlife culture, where music, art and fashion intersect to create a one-of-a-kind melting pot.

DJ Alden

DJ Alden is a kid who loves to color outside the lines. This 13yo has been hanging around the DJ Booth his entire life.  He comes from a musical family with strong ties to NYC nightlife and had his first birthday party at the legendary Cielo Nightclub. DJing piqued his interest when he was a toddler and he began his journey as a DJ at age 6.  Always driven and with an insatiable appetite to “use music to make people happy”, DJ Alden has been bringing his youthful perspective on EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Hip Hop and pop music to parties, fashion shows & corporate events for the past 7 years.

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The Dream Lab

The Dream Lab fuses alien science to human bodies to create mesmerizing experiences for audiences throughout the galaxy.

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DJ Jesse

Jesse Sprague is the ultimate music curator! A DJ with decades of wide-ranging experience in nightclubs, hotels, retail, special events, and celebrations of all kinds! Setting the mood and delivering the perfect music is what this professional delivers.

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