“Thank you Jenny for a party of the year!!! I can’t say enough great things about you, your son DJ Alden, and Cirkiz. Birthday planning with you was a breeze. Basically, you took care of everything, we just had to show up. DJ Alden is a superstar!!! He is unbelievably talented!!! My daughter’s friends still can’t stop talking about her “coolest party”. Can’t wait to do it again next year for my younger daughter.”
Mila (mom to 10yo daughter)

“(We) had an amazing time and can’t wait to be at the next event.  I love everything about the party.  Service was phenomenal.”
Simone (mom to 9yo daughter)

“It was great to meet you! We had a wonderful time and plan on returning to the May 7th event! You did a great job ensuring everything was exactly as requested from the add-ons, pizza was delicious and the cupcakes. The hostess was great! Very friendly and attentive! “
Rosasana (mom to 7yo daughter & 11yo son)

“My daughter had a wonderful time! I couldn’t believe that she went dancing up on stage! One of her friends grabbed her by the hand and took her up on stage and a few other friends followed suit. They were having an absolute ball! It was special to see the children experience the club scene for kids…the kids were really enjoying the new experience, sights, sounds, glow tape, LED stuff and were really going with it all! Which is what I was hoping for…I would definitely love to come back with her, and a few of her friends where they can dance and have fun and I can too! My daughter’s teacher sent me an email saying all the kids were raving about the party! The kids are still talking about it and trying to figure out the robot – whether someone behind the scenes were controlling the lights, smoke, etc. or whether he did it. The boys said it was a controlled robot but the girls said it’s a man dressed up in a robot costume. The experience has definitely left an impression, way afterwards, where they are still talking about it and curious. I LOVE that!”
Liliana (mom to 7yo)

“We actually had a wonderful time. We loved the whole idea and everyone was very attentive. But most importantly, the kids had a blast!”
Daira (mom to 9yo)

“Thank you Jenny, the boy’s had a terrific time and their friends called it the “Coolest Party” and these day’s it’s a competition of who has a better party. DJ Alden was a sensation, so much respect for raising such an artist…we loved it!”
Lisbeth (mom of 8yo twins)

Thank you Jenny Song!!!! A most fabulous time was had by all….you put on a rockin’ birthday bash and cant wait to plan Maddison’s dance party for next year. The dancers, DJ lessons, LED robot and the CirKiz staff were all amazing!!! I can’t say enough great things about you guys!!!! Hey Space Ibiza New York, your venue was awesome too!!! Now i totally understand why it is named “a cool kids dance party.”
Lauren (mom to 7yo)

“Thank you for such a fantastic experience. Aaira and her friends had a whale of a time – and the grownups kept saying that this was “quite something”.  It’s incredible what you pull off – my wife and I are thoroughly impressed! We will definitely visit again…”
Ari (father to 10yo)

“When I tell you, she (birthday girl) had the BEST time, I am truly selling the experience short.  Such a fantastic time for everyone and all of our guests were blown away by the experience.  We are definitely looking to come back during your next event and just enjoy the festivities.  Thank you!”
Jason (father of 13yo)

“I hosted my sons 9th Birthday party at Cirkiz and I can’t begin to describe how much we all had. As a party goer myself I thought the experience was amazing. The staff was courteous and very attentive to all our needs, the music was great and most importantly the kids had an amazing time. The adults also raved about it and I know a few will be bringing their children back. This was the best party! Thank you Jenny and your staff for the amazing day! “
Celinda, (mother to a 9yo)

“Yesterday was a blast. My daughter and her friends LOVED it! They are even saying they want their parties there. Thank you so much for being so accommodating, your staff was amazing!  We look forward to attending the CirKiz party in January.”
Rosemarie, (mother to a 12yo)

“The party was a huge success! Each and every person that came, from the three year old to the sixty year old, had a spectacular time. Most importantly my daughter loved every second of it!  The staff was very friendly, helpful, and attentive.  Thank you… was a pleasure working with you and your company! We can’t wait to go back and will be there in November.”
Jaqueline, (mother to a 12yo)

“We had a great time yesterday. Sophia was really happy and her friends had a great time.  The other Mothers who came by to pick up their children were very impressed, so I think you just got a bunch of new UES fans.  Thank you so much for your help.  I thought the party hit the right notes in terms of being “organized” yet not “babyish”, “grown up”, but not too “teenager”.  I felt it was perfect for my 10 year old daughter and her friends, who want to feel “cool” and perfect for their parents who don’t want them to grow up too fast. Your staff was wonderful.  I really appreciated how they escorted the party-goers to the restrooms and kept our area in tip top shape Thank you very much.  Your and your team’s efforts were greatly appreciated.”
GeneMarie, New York City (mother to a 10yo)

I recently hosted my sons birthday party here. The guests and my son had a wonderful time. This was one of the best birthday parties! The parents were happy and the kids. I definitely recommend this place. Working with Jenny was a delight as were her assistants. The party was FUN! FUN !FUN! People still thank me to this day!
Jessica, New York City (mother to a 6yo)

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! This was a great event for the whole family! The entire event was a class act from the moment you walked into the club up until the moment you left! To the crew, thank you! You created a classy atmosphere and environment with positive energy for the entire family while still maintaining a NYC dance vibe for all to enjoy safely! Kudos to all!!!
Harry, New York City (father to a 8yo)

Our birthday party was pretty perfect, our helper was attentive and friendly… The activities & accessories were spot on, though for some reason they didn’t really get into the dancers until when they were all dancing later. With our 2 kids and all the parties they’ve been to, we think this was one of the best as far as all of the kids enjoying themselves, enough “guided time” and “free time”, great choice of activities, fine that the tattoos were extra $, drinks were a plus for adults, too!
Heather, New York City (mom to a 9yo)

The kids had a blast at the most recent event. The music, decor and overall vibe was top notch. There was a lot of effort put into the production of the party. As soon as the kids walked in they were transported to another world with amazing lighting effects. Kids were able to customize their glow sticks and clothing with neon tape. The staff and dancers were really great entertaining and engaging all the kids. The music selection was perfect for the crowd and had everybody dancing through the entire event. I hosted my son’s birthday here last year and it was equally as amazing as this last party. What a great way for kids to hang out and have fun while the adults can enjoy a cocktail and catch up. My kids are already looking forward to the next event…
Boris, Hawthorne, NJ (father to 7yo & 4yo)

What a blast!! It was so much fun…the kids particularly liked making the shirts and wacking the balloons (and each other!) with the soft light-up sticks…these days, your parties are the closest we get to going out for a night on the town!
I-Hsing, New York City (mother to 8yo & 6yo)