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We are teaming up with KidzCon, the ultimate kid’s convention, for a unique immersive event designed to ignite imagination and inspire creativity in kids and teens.

The CirKiz TEEN LOUNGE with Teen Vibes Magazine

Hosted by Lilly Ketchman

With: DJ Alden Song, Sawyer Sharbino,

Los Angeles Dates Will Be Announced Soon

CirKiz is a cutting-edge dance party for kids, created for the next generation of electronic music fans to celebrate music, dance, and community. The CirKiz team transforms exclusive New York City nightclubs into a unique, kid-centric daytime party space where families can listen & dance to DJs, see live performances and experience a nightclub environment in a safe, controlled daytime setting. The founders were inspired by this generation’s artistic and entrepreneurial prowess and are committed to encouraging & educating children to pursue creative endeavors. CirKiz is for kids 7-13 years old.


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"Inside, there are close to 200 tiny dancers, ages 6 to 13, blissing out on a strobe-and-neon dance floor."

"Every month, they host dance parties for kids ages 6 to 12 that turn some of Manhattan’s hottest clubs into neon-colored, tot-filled playgrounds. "

"Complete with dry ice, junior DJs, dance contests and crowd-pleasing performers including a spooky glowing robot, it’s the place for the underage crowd to be seen on a Sunday afternoon."

"Expect to hear the kind of electronic dance music you’d hear at a music festival mixed with top 40, all sans any bad words and turned down to a healthy volume."

"Club-goers in T-shirts and Converse sneakers fill the dance floor, coated in neon stickers with glowsticks looped around their necks and wrists."

"CirKiz is a dance party for kids that seeks to create a cutting edge NYC dance club environment that’s also family-friendly, safe and controlled"