Who We Are

The CirKiz Family

Founded by parents and NYC nightclub veterans Jesse Sprague and Jenny Song, CirKiz is committed to encouraging and educating children to pursue creative endeavors. The two were inspired by kids to create this unique form of family entertainment against the backdrop of NYC nightlife culture, where music, art and fashion intersect to create a one-of-a-kind melting pot.

DJ Alden Song

Alden Song is a 18-year-old rising star in the house music industry, hailing from New York City with an impressive 10 years of professional experience. Alden’s passion for house music emerged from his EDM roots, and he has been pushing the limits of the genre ever since, known for his dynamic and high-energy sets that seamlessly blend classic and modern house music with elements of EDM. With honed skills and a unique sound, Alden has become a sought-after DJ and music producer in NY & LA, having produced several original house music tracks and remixes, including “Feel Something” and “Scorpion,” which have received thousands of plays and positive feedback from fellow musicians and fans alike.

As an artist, Alden has worked with several prominent brands such as Diesel, Gap, Vans, and Horizon Milk, showcasing his ability to curate music that resonates with diverse audiences. Alden’s versatility and adaptability are further highlighted by his invitations to perform at various fashion shows and corporate events. He has played at some of New York City’s most iconic dance music venues and events, including Cielo, Space Ibiza NY, Pink Elephant, Lincoln Center, New York Fashion Week, and CirKiz, and has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting young talents in the industry.

Alden’s upcoming releases include two highly anticipated new songs that are expected to showcase his continued growth and evolution as a producer, further establishing him as a rising star in the dance music scene. Despite his young age, Alden has already received an incredible amount of attention and recognition in the industry, positioning him to be a leading figure in the genre. Keep an eye on Alden Song as he continues to make waves and push the limits of what’s possible in house music.

The Dream Lab

The Dream Lab fuses alien science to human bodies to create mesmerizing experiences for audiences throughout the galaxy.

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DJ Jesse

Jesse Sprague is the ultimate music curator! A DJ with decades of wide-ranging experience in nightclubs, hotels, retail, special events, and celebrations of all kinds! Setting the mood and delivering the perfect music is what this professional delivers.

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